Castelsardo, Sardinia, Italy, March 2012

Castelsardo, Sardinia, Italy


Hard to get to, impossible to leave.

Seeking a respite from Rome, we traveled to Sardinia, 15 hours by ferry from Rome. We cheated and took the one hour flight to this large Mediterranean island with a grand history of its own.

Sardinia is officially part of Italy, but with its own dialects and strong local customs, it remains a place set apart. By pure accident and luck we stumbled upon the northwestern coastal village of Castelsardo. This  fishing village seems to be a summer resort for the local people of Sardinia and some Europeans.

We came to this wonderful place as the locals were still fully embracing the winter patterns but busy prepping for their season. It seemed the major activity of the young, old, and everyone in between, was visiting with their neighbors in the piazza, the sidewalk, and on every corner. Pairs of lifelong friends gathered for long stretches arguing in that passionate Italian way.

At every stop there is a story to observe and tell.  See if I am beginning to communicate the story of Castelsardo.

You will not see these images on an American travel website anytime soon. The local people report that few Americans get this far off the beaten path.

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