About Peter Lisi

Peter is open to creative projects around the world.
Proposals may be made by contacting the photographer directly.

The photographer purchased his first camera as a 9 year old.

Many cameras later, Peter spends his working hours immersed in the making of images.The images presented represent his most recent work.

After studying at the International Center for Photography in Manhattan in 2007, Peter credits the learning there for sharpening his skill and allowing for his continued development as a photographer.

Shooting images for more than 50 years, his work has been accessible on local websites and in a variety of local newspapers.

Peter describes his work as an attempt to find and capture mankind and nature in its ever-evolving beauty. He isĀ  attracted to creating images that focus on people, their work, family, cultural practices and beliefs.

This collection reflects either a positive statement on Peter’s own view of the world or his attempt to prove that the dark side of man is not destiny. Viewers can interpret for themselves if this is the work of the eternal optimist or that of the confirmed pessimist, constantly trying to disprove his belief.